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Delicacies you simply must try if you’re ever in Nigeria.

Delicacies you simply must try if you’re ever in Nigeria.

Delicacies you simply must try if you’re ever in Nigeria.

by May 18, 2016 3 comments

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These are Nigerian meals you must try while you’re here :

1.) PARTY Jollof Rice:-

The Almighty Jollof rice, get ready for a taste of a life time “Jollof is eternal” like people on twitter would say. Jollof rice is one of the best things ever, it is to Nigerians like what burgers are to Jughead. You hardly see anyone get this dish wrong,  It is prepared with Rice + Tomato+Pepper+Onions then a range of other basic Nigerian spices. Party Jollof on the other hand is Jollof rice served at a party, ask any typical Nigerian and they’ll tell you that party Jollof is superior to our regular but still lovable Jollof rice.

2.) Rice and stew

This is just basically what jollof rice is made from, but its different because you’re separately taking the stew with your rice. Do not be alarmed when you find out how many different types of meat is put in 1 serving of stew. It might be strange to you, but a typical Nigerian would be excited to have a variety of meats in their stew. Rice and stew is like the most basic Nigerian food, but trust me its delicious if you eat it at the right place. It can be served with beans, plantain, salad or whatever you want to eat with it, I strongly recommend it with beans or fried plantain.

3.) Boli (Roasted plantain)

This is basically roasted plantain,  Nigerians are just crazy about it plantain all together with it’s various serving options. Boli is a typical road side dish and one of Nigeria’s most popular street snacks. It can be served with freshly roasted fish (This is AMAZING BY THE WAY) or roasted peanuts, tomato stew of any kind of assortment ,some people even take their bole with vegetable sauce.

4.) Garri and Groundnut

Some people call it the poor man’s food, I call it “The cornflakes of Nigerians,I mean its cheap but I am still yet to find a Nigerian that does not enjoy this “cereal”. It can be enjoyed with cold milk,or just water and sugar. There is no recipe for this,just have your garri,either yellow or white,water and sugar and occasionally with milk.

5.) Egusi soup

This is the most common Nigerian soup,correct me if I am wrong but most ethnic groups in Nigeria,take this more than pepper soup. I mean pepper soup is quite famous,but I have excluded it from my list because its a bit scary for a first timer,might be too spicy.

There so many arguments about which ethnicity actually owns this soup,most people say its a yoruba dish(Which I believe to be true) but some other groups,claim its a Nigerian food in general,and not just from one ethnicity.


“Asun” is yoruba for “smoked”. It is basically peppered goat meat. I saw a marketing strategy for an Asun distributor saying “You are what you eat, a G.O.A.T” Greatest of all time is really what Asun is, it is a definite must try.




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