How Healthy is Your Diet? Take a Diet Quiz Now

If asked, many of us will say we maintain a healthy diet. How true is that though? I wonder. I came across this fun quiz that can help us test our individual knowledge on what healthy diet really is. Please

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Abacha (African Salad) Recipe – Special African Dishes

The first time I heard of African Salad which is popularly know in Nigeria as Abacha, I got interested immediately. And wanted to know how it is prepared. You had to see me, I was thrilled to learn we have

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Baked Potato Soup with Cheese & Bacon

Want a delicious creamy thick soup? Baked potato soup with cheese & bacon is the awesome choice.   Good morning fam! Let’s take our palate on an intercontinental trip this morning *wink*   Baked potato soup with cheese & bacon

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