Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

by February 2, 2015

Woman experience special cravings for a variety of tasty and sometimes not-so-tasty meals or drinks when pregnant, but it is imperative for them to know the foods to avoid during pregnancy. Listed below, are some of the foods a pregnant woman should stay away from.

1. Packaged noodles
Read the label: These quick-cooking noodles are packed with salt, fat, and little else.

2. Soda
If you fill up on empty calories and sugar, you won’t have any room for more nutritious drinks. Low-fat milk, water, and juice are better choices.

3. Shelf-stable commercial lunches
Sure, they’re a quick fix for hunger pangs, but preservatives, salt, and fat make most of them a poor choice. There are some okay packaged lunch options out there, though, so check the labels!

4. Too many frozen prepared meals
There are some good choices out there, but many have astronomical amounts of salt and fat. Instead, pop a potato in the microwave, then top it with cheese and steamed broccoli for a fast, healthy meal. If you can’t avoid the occasional frozen meal, look for organic brands that are low in salt and fat.

5. Iceberg lettuce
When it comes to lettuce, choose greens, such as romaine, that are full of fiber, A and C vitamins, folic acid, calcium, and potassium. Iceberg lettuce has only trace amounts of these nutrients.

List Credit: Baby Centre

At 9jafood we generally advice pregnant women to stay away from excess cold drinks. You can chill with a glass or two of any non-alcoholic cold drink of your choice once in a while, but try not to make drinking anything cold (no matter how tempting it is) a habit during pregnancy.

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