Good Care For Your Knives

Good Care For Your Knives

Good Care For Your Knives

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Knives are the most used tools in any kitchen. Most of food preparation involves peeling, chopping, cutting, and slicing whole food ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and meats.


Though there are handy tools you can use to your knives sharp, you should have them professionally sharpened once a year or so. Sharp knives make food preperation much faster and smoother.


Anchor There is a two-step process for sharpening a knife: sharpening ? breaking metal and reshaping, and honing ? aligning the edge.


Below are tips for taking care of your knives


  1. Use Wooden Cutting Boards

A wood surface is more forgiving than plastic on your knife??s edge. And maple is a better option than bamboo ? it??s a softer surface. And always use a cutting board! Your marble counter is your knife??s worst enemy.


  1. Avoid Cutting Frozen Items

Keep a cheap knife around for that. The frozen surface will dull out your knives quickly.


  1. Avoid the Dishwasher

Hand washing is best. The heat and drying cycles of your dishwasher can wear out the knife??s handles and the movement and vibration can cause the edges to hit against the basket and other objects dulling your knives.


  1. Store Correctly

If you??re using a knife block, store the knives with the sharp side up. You could use magnet knife racks that you mount on the wall or keep them in drawers and use a wooden drawer knife tray.


  1. Use the Right Knife for the Job

Don??t go chopping vegetables with a pairing knife ? your knife??s edge will dull before you??re done. The three most used knives are: a chef??s knife ? for chopping vegetables, a paring knife – for peeling fruits, and a serrated knife ? for slicing bread and tomatoes. The chef??s knife is the one you want to spend the most you can afford on, but it doesn??t mean you have to spend your vacation money on a good knife. If you??re taking care of them they will last you a lifetime.


  1. The Honing Steel is Your Best Friend

Steel your knife??s edge before and after each use. A steel is a honing tool, not a sharpening tool, it aligns the knife??s edge. The honing rod will keep your knife from going dull, but it cannot make a dull knife sharp. The steel is the best tool to maintain your knife??s edge, but to sharpen it you need a knife sharpener.