Juice Cleansing Can Help You Get Your Health Back

Juice Cleansing Can Help You Get Your Health Back

Juice Cleansing Can Help You Get Your Health Back

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Juice cleansing? Yes. Most people want to work on their diets but don’t usually know the best way to buckle down on their daily intake.


Here’s a certified method you can try, it is called Juice cleansing.


Juice cleansing is simply a juice fasting period. It is a controversial fasting method and a detox diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption.


Here’s a great way to get your body going, the healthy way! Start with changing your eating for just a few days — with a strict juice cleanse — and it is remarkable what positive transformation will follow.


The romance of unhealthy foods is powerful, as evidenced by the 65 percent of people, who struggle daily with being overweight and obese, but it is essential to break the cycle of dependence on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, and excess caffeine and alcohol.


Remember to keep it organic! Otherwise you are ingesting many of the same pesticide, herbicide and antibiotic residues the body is trying to clear out.


Why Juice Cleansing?  


  1. Juice cleansing rests the stomach:

For the tens of millions of people who are on acid-suppressing drugs — and for older folks who often don’t produce enough stomach acid — making the stomach work less to extract nutrients can be a huge benefit. Juices require less of the stomach’s digestive processing (churning, acid and pepsin). During your juice cleansing period, remember to gently chew the juices to add oral enzymes to further ease digestion.


  1. Rests and repairs the gut:

Toxic foods (including saturated fats, refined carbs, foods with additives, pesticides and allergenic foods), taking medications (such as antibiotics or antacids), and even stress can impair the intestine’s functioning. This is why juice cleansing is beneficial, when we consume a plant-based juice diet it allows food to be assimilated quickly through the intestine — consuming less energy, while the toxin-free, nutrient-dense food helps to repair the gut itself.


  1. Rests the liver:

The liver is our main detoxifying organ. Every molecule of food that is absorbed through the intestinal wall (fiber is not absorbed) moves into the liver for detoxification and preparation before being allowed to enter the rest of the body. Organic juice cleansing helps to rest the liver’s overload.


  1. Reduces appetite:

Juice cleansing doesn’t really shrink the stomach — although it feels like it does. Juicing eliminates the habit of comfort eating, and makes you feel satiated with less food than usual.


  1. Ease food decision-making:

Juice cleansing focuses on consuming fresh whole food produce every few hours — and reduces the enslavement of thinking constantly about what the next meal is going to be.


  1. Eliminate harmful foods:

The juice cleanse eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods from the diet (as well as coffee and alcohol). Being off these — and other common trigger foods for a period — then reintroducing them can help define what foods are causing our body problems.


  1. Juice cleansing floods the body with super nutrition:

Being on an all-produce diet gives us not only the vitamins and minerals but the all-important phyto-nutrients that are powerhouses for the clean-up and healing process. Juices are by nature raw foods — and retain nutrients that would be destroyed by cooking, including some B vitamins and especially (digestive and anti-inflammatory) enzymes.


  1. Lose weight:

As you are feeling better and having more energy, you also naturally lose weight. Some of this is water bloat, but also some is fat. A juice cleanse (three days minimum) is a great way to jump start a diet. It not only helps control appetite and cravings, but is naturally lower in calories, while supplying the body with probably more concentrated beneficial energizing and healing nutrients than it has seen before. Still thinking juice cleansing isn’t worth it? Read on…


  1. Improve energy:

After the first day’s adjustment in the juice cleansing period (mostly missing crunching, and any coffee/alcohol cessation symptoms), most people begin to feel much more energy and clarity (by consuming only fresh juices) than they ever did with frequent caffeine drinks.


  1. Rehydrates the body:

Most people consume inadequate fluids, often having diuretics such as coffee or tea as their main beverages. Drinking sufficient fluids (5-6 glasses/day) makes the body function more efficiently, increases energy (often successfully removing the afternoon blahs/brain fog), and helps insure proper elimination of toxins.


  1. Reduces physical problems:

You begin to feel generally better when on the juice cleansing diet, not just with your energy, but with many chronic symptoms such as headaches, rashes, general aches, congested sinuses and chest, and bloating/cramping/gas.

We come to understand that before the juice cleansing period, our bod0 very often fights off the things we do to it (especially with food — but also with lack of sleep, inactivity and stress). Take a break, rest the body (and mind) and flood it with nutrients!


Want to know how to do your own Juice Cleanse? Checkout our next post that will tell you the steps to for in your juice cleansing period.


Thanks to ModFitness for the insights.