#KitchenTricks: How To Prevent Your Cutting Board from Sliding

#KitchenTricks: How To Prevent Your Cutting Board from Sliding

#KitchenTricks: How To Prevent Your Cutting Board from Sliding

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When you are cutting or chopping anything in the kitchen, a stable cutting board is a must. Having a cutting board that slips and slides around means you might end up cutting yourself instead of the food, which would not be good. So here are a few tips that help keep your board from slip-sliding away from you.




The first method is super easy. You just take paper towel, run it under water, squeeze out the excess moisture, place it down, get that cutting board on top, and voila! Nice, stable, wobble-free cutting board. If you want a more Eco-friendly version, you can do the exact same thing but with a kitchen towel. Just lay it down, same trick.




The next trick is if you have any excess shelf liner lining around the kitchen, you can just cut small square, a little bit smaller than your cutting board, lay it down, and this is stable as can be.   Last but not least, if you have a silicone baking mat, you can make it do double duty by sticking your cutting board right on top. These are super sticky. They tend to be a little bit expensive, but they’re also great if you want a non-stick surface for any of your cookies or baked goods. The thing with cutting boards is that they tend to warp over time especially if you put them in a dishwasher. So if you’re thinking about swapping yours out, you can also just get one of these beautiful, modern cutting boards with their own built-in grips.


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