We Nigerians love our street food.

We Nigerians love our street food.

We Nigerians love our street food.

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Whether you’re on your way to or from work, or travelling. Our street foods are always there for us.

Sometimes you’re hungry but that restaurant food just won’t cut it and you’re probably jut craving some boli or dudun to snack on while you drive. Here’s a list of some street foods that are dear to our souls.

1. Boli

We love our plantain, that’s no news. Boli just happens to be one of the various serving options of plantain.It is basically roasted plantain, often accompanied with groundnuts. you’ll always find a seller in every street corner and if she is selling boli then  there’s a 99.9% chance she’s also selling groundnuts so you can jut get the total package at one spot.Some people might like theirs with sauce and occasionally fish.

Boli and groundnut.admin | 9jafood

Boli and groundnut.

2. Dundun & or Akara.

Dun Dun is basically fried yam strips, while Akara(bean cakes) is fried bean paste. Often sold together, we love this delicacy to go. optionally served  with pepper sauce. Dun dun, saving lives since 1960.


3. Corn.

Yes, corn. it can either be roasted or boiled, optionally served with ube (african pear)


Suya is most times barbequed beef, but it could also be chicken or fish. Mostly sold by mallams, well except you’re buying it from a restaurant. We love our suya.

5. Puff-puff

First I’m going to let this picture speak for itself

Puff Puff

You see it don’t you? the beauty of it’s perfection.


This is a deep-fried snack made from a paste of maize flour mixed with sugar and cassava or yam flour.

7.Ewa agonyin

Ewa Agoyin is a delicious cooked beans served with spicy stew. Most Nigerians love eating Eaw Agoyin with the popular  Agege Bread. Whenever you see Ewa Agoyin sellers, you will see bread sellers as well.