What Is Owambe

What Is Owambe

What Is Owambe

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Owambe is a party, Nigerian style.


An owambe usually marks a milestone: a celebration of life, achievement, love, baby naming, wedding, 50th birthday, or even a funeral. Though there are people who throw owambe just for the hell of it sometimes.


The music is loud, the dancing non-stop and the entire scene illuminated by shimmering headpieces (gele) and brilliantly coloured costumes (aso ebi). Usually the hosts are lavished with gifts and cash from family and friends.


And of course, there is plenty of food. Many hours in the making, special festive dishes such as moinmoin, efo riro and jollof rice are traditional. It’s no wonder that for many revelers, the food is their favourite part of the party.


But above all, owambe is a time to experience the taste of our motherland.

Adapted from Varo Food