Why the future of beauty is pill shaped

Why the future of beauty is pill shaped

Why the future of beauty is pill shaped

by June 13, 2016 0 comments

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes, which if true would probably make me a large lump of cheese. But that cliche could be about to become significantly more resonant if the beauty industry’s latest technological breakthrough-nutricosmetics-hits the mainstream. Long thought to be the low maintenance woman’s dream, scientists have created a whole new range of tablets that not only do the job of a bucketful of lotions and potions , but also do it better, with just the minimal effort required from you to remember to pop your pill.

Everything from SPF in tablet form to an ingestible powder to boost your skin, hair and nails are in the pipeline, which means before you know it, sunburn and ageing could be avoided in one quick gulp. This is a mind-blowing idea, imagine a vacation without sunscreen, no break-outs and no irritations. Your protection has been delivered neatly and efficiently by a daily pill, leaving you to relax and focus on the finer things.

That’s the future according to trend forecasters who predict that global sales of ingestible beauty beauty- stuff you swallow, rather than apply – will reach £5billion by 2020, more than double the £2.3billion we spent in 2013. Dubbed ‘nutricosmetics’ , these powders, drinks, pills are set to radically change our beauty routines.

Nutritionist Gabriella Peacock whose range of supplements are stocked in selfridges , also believes that in an increasingly time-poor society, we’re looking for fast and easy options to enhance our lives. “In an ideal world, we’d get all of our nutrients from our diet, butt most of us don’t live ideal lifestyles. Stress, alcohol and pollution all deplete our bodies of vitamins that our hair and skin rely on to function. That’s where supplements come in. The problem is that it is not a simple equation . “Just because we know that, for example, inflammation is associated with ageing, and that coenzyme Q10  (an antioxidant found in  the body) can reduce inflammation doesn’t mean that taking lots of coenzyme Q10 will make you look younger”