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    1.  Ngwongwo:  (Not the goat meat type, I mean dog meat ngwongwo). This is a dog meat delicacy from Calabar also known as forty forty. Not all Cross Riverians eat dog meat pepper soup though, but those who do, swear by it. Ngwongwo is cooked with some herbs and ogogoro, know what ogogoro is? It is kai kai, also know as akpeteshi, small no be sick, hot, do me I do you etc. Alcohol is not good for your unborn baby, neither is it good for the expectant mom, it adds no value whatsoever to your system. Pregnant women are advised to stay off alcohol. It’s best not to eat ngwongwo if you must avoid ogogoro. This delicacy of the south south people of Nigeria is frawned at by other tribes. Many people have dogs as pets and can’t imagine that these loyal friends are used as meat elsewhere in the country.It is actually not just ogogoro that makes dog meat pepper soup unfit for pregnant women, the fact that the skin and hair is most times burnt by pouring kerosine and lighting the dead animal up. That’s not all, to wash off the smell of kerosine and make the meat good for consumers, detergents or bar soaps are used. So, with all  that goes on in the preparation of dog meat pepper soup, no pregnant woman should give in to that unhealthy craving. Although the eaters claim that dog meat pepper soup is excellent for pregnant women, they believe that eating especially the legs of a dog will make the unborn baby achieve milestones earlier than usual when born. It is believed that the baby will grow up to become a very successful sportsman like especially in the track and field events. He will be a very fast runner just like Usain Bolt.  Killing and cooking a dog on it’s own is unacceptable by me not to talk of the whole process of preparation with poisonous chemicals and alcohol. If you are pregnant and craving, please do not believe those myths about dog meat and fast running babies. It is animal cruelty and should be avoided. Your baby doesn’t need dog feet to become a fast runner, neither do you.
    2. White chalk known as nzu in Iboland:
      White chalk Image courtesy Nairaland.Avoid this addictive snack  because nzu contains lead which is cancer causing. That craving shows that you are anaemic, craving nzu or any kind of dust or sand during pregnancy is a sign of anaemia. If you are pregnant and all you want to do is chew on this native chalk, quickly see your Doctor for some blood tests and probably prescriptions. Don’t even attempt to taste nzu as it’s very addictive.
    1. Abacha  (African Salad):  Abacha on it’s own is not bad, it is a very healthy combination of African foods but the addition of kanwu known as lime stone by many is not acceptable. Kanwu potash is a kind of lake salt that is edible but not when you are pregnant. It is added to beans, okra soup and even ewedu. It can also be used as a preservative.I don’t know if kanwu is very safe for other people, even though I eat abacha. For pregnant women? It’s not good for the baby in any way. Ask the Doctor before you take abacha if it’s cooked with akanwu. If you must eat abacha, prepare it without kanwu. Studies reveal that akanwu (kaun, potash) can induce abortion in early pregnancy Potash is also added to tobacco snuff, a brown stuff sniffed by local villagers. Avoid this snuff too if you are pregnant.
  1. Isi ewu meal (goat head):  Isi ewu contains potash, the brain is boiled and pounded with palm oil and potash before being cooked and served. If you are carrying another human in you, please avoid these foods and probably resume after delivery and weaning. For the safety of your baby, eat healthy, snack healthy and sacrifice some comforts, it’s just a matter of months and you are free to eat what and how you want.Those of asking whether ogbono soup is good in pregnancy, you can eat as much ogbono as you want. What you shouldn’t eat is the four Nigerian foods listed above. They are not really safe for your baby.



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