NB Plc divides consumers’ taste line with introduction of Star Triple X

NB Plc divides consumers’ taste line with introduction of Star Triple X

NB Plc divides consumers’ taste line with introduction of Star Triple X

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Despite the avalanche of various beer brands in the market, Nigerian Breweries Plc has gone ahead to introduce a new beer brand; Star Triple X, thereby further dividing the taste line of consumers. The company says the beer is brewed with 14 natural extra African herbs of bitter kola, kola nut, ginger etc. The continuous development and introduction of new product (s) is an important source of improvement in consumer (s) welfare and company’s income.


However, the economic question is how much do consumers benefit from new introduction? Or what competitive effects do new product introduction have? Generally, consumers are affected by new products in two ways. First, they gain the surplus associated with the additional variety provided by the new product and secondly they develop a new taste bud.


In effect,    the importance of successful innovation for long-term performance by brands can hardly be over-looked.    For this reason, competitors will not remain passive. Observatorily, it’s of fact that two thirds of new product launches meet reaction by competitors after their launch. This could be empirically demonstrated by the strategic launch decisions that managers take.


The Activation of the new beer brand from Nigerian Breweries, NB Plc at Polo centre, Enugu by Oracle Experience, an Experiential Agency of the company could be said to be a radical step to enter a market already saturated with beer brands. From what was obtained at the launch the characteristics of the new product launch strategy will have a significant impact on both the occurrence and nature of competitive reactions later.


The competitive effect of radically new products and incrementally new products greatly differs. The results will be that competitors will not respond to radical innovations and to new products that employ a niche strategy. Competition however can react if a new product like Star Triple-X can be assessed within an existing product category.


The results may be that competitors will be more inclined to react to the introduction of new products that are supported by extensive communication. This is surely going to happen, going by the anticedents of NB, even though likelihood of reaction is higher in high growth markets like the Eastern market.


What led to the launch of the new beer,    Senior Brand Manager – Star, NB,  Mr. Chidike Oluaoha, said:  We    are a consumer inspired and a brand led business, at every  particular point in time, we go the extra mile to ensure that we  provide superior satisfaction to our consumers. And one way we try to do that is to always check with them to know what they want. To know if what they have currently is enough, if there is something extra    they would want.


We asked the question in our usual way of checking with our consumers, what more do you want? And that question elicited one answer from them and that answer is, we want Extra! So our consumers told us that they want extra. They love our beer, they love    the portfolio of brands that we have because of course Nigerian Breweries Plc is renowned for its portfolio of great brands.


Our consumers love and trust our brands, but they want more, they want extra! And they also trust that NB has the credibility to give them what they want. When we probed deeper, we got more insights into what we needed to do. And that gave birth to Star Triple X. The Triple X in the name stands for Extra Smooth, Extra Strong and Extra African Herbs. We know that Nigeria is big on herbs.


Nigerians believe that herbs have medicinal and health benefits. These we know. So the business decided to come up with a proposition that will encapsulate the extras that our esteemed consumers want. The Extra Smoothness that I’ve talked about comes from 100 per cent barley; because Star Triple X is made of 100 per cent barley. The Extra Strength comes from the 5.5 percent alcoholic content. And the Extra African Herbs comes from a 14 natural selection of Extra African herbs such as bitter kola, kola nut, ginger.


So when you think about all these Extras, you see that it is indeed a fantastic and robust    proposition that we have for our consumers. Having put together such a fantastic product, we also wanted to introduce it to our consumers in an extra exciting ambience with an extra first-of-its-kind experience.    You can’t have a fantastic product like this, the first of its kind in Nigeria and perhaps in the world and just sneak it into the market.


And that is why we’ve built this extra experience centre. Starting from the great larger-than-life bottle that you see here, which I believe is the first-of-its kind in Africa, perhaps the biggest in the    world. It is quite monumental. Everything that you see here depicts the extras that this product comes with.


One of the experiences is to take them through the brewing process of Star Triple X, so that they understand and appreciate the    credentials of this beer that is like no other. As we tell this compelling story, we want to bring the extra to life. The story is about the extra that consumers asked for which is exactly what Star Triple X is. When we do our research, we try to understand what our target consumers really want. We engage with them in the friendliest of ways.


And we also take cognizance of the variety of things that they say they want. We have different consumers and we see that the need of one set of consumers may differ from the need of another set.


At the venue, consumers said they are in tone with the new beer taste, and that this the kind of innovations expected from companies, not only breweries. According to Pat Nebo, a cameraman, an Enugu indigene involved in the shooting of October 1, a film recently released by Kunle Afolayan, said for a beer made of kola nut, bitter kola and other herbs, we say ‘Oku ruru ulo’ (meaning the matter has gotten home) “I am proud, because finally I can see my culture through a brand.” He however commended NB for their foresight.


Remi Ikechukwu, a consumer said he is in love with new beer already having tasted it, and    was    particularly happy with what NB is doing by bringing consumers together to experience the new beer.



Source: Princewill Ekwujuru (Vanguard)