Authentic Mashed Beans & Palm Oil Sauce Recipe – No Tomatoes!

Authentic Mashed Beans & Palm Oil Sauce Recipe – No Tomatoes!

Authentic Mashed Beans & Palm Oil Sauce Recipe – No Tomatoes!

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Ask any Nigerian-food lover and they’ll tell you Beans and Palm Oil sauce is a much-loved breakfast, lunch, dinner favorite!

While most people can certainly improvise with variations of sauces to eat with mashed beans there can be only one authentic Ẹwa Agọyin palm oil sauce as sold by the street peddlers of this delicious dish. Here goes:


Honey Beans or black-eyed peas

Crushed Chilli seeds

Dried Chilli pepper (Shombo/Ata Gbigbe)

Dried Red bell pepper (Tatashe Gbigbe)

Quarter cup dried crayfish

1 large onion

1 cup of palm oil

1 Bouillon cube Seasoning

1 teaspoon of salt



Mashed Beans

  • Thoroughly clean 2 cups of beans
  • Add a half liter of water
  • Add salt to taste
  • Allow to boil until beans is soft
  • Mash with spatula


Ewa Agoyin Palm oil Sauce

  1. Soak crushed dried chilli seeds, dried chilli and bell pepper till soft (do so overnight if possible)
  2. Slice-up 3/4 of 1 large onion and add to pre-soaked pepper.
  3. Pulverize or grind until semi-smooth with a half cup of water
  4. Allow mix to boil until dry.
  5. While liquid dries up from the pepper, lightly warm up 2 cups of palm oil in a separate pot (do not bleach)
  6. Add pepper mix to palm oil and allow to fry on low heat
  7. Chop or dice 1/4 onion, allow to fry separately for 3 minutes and gently add into frying pepper mix.
  8. Stir entire content occasionally, add seasoning, pinch of salt and dry crayfish.
  9. Continue to stir for 7-15 minutes until frying sauce is light brown.


Note: Do not overcook – you know you’ve ‘over fried’ the sauce if it looks dark brown which will likely result in a bitter taste when sauce cools down


To Serve

– Serve the mashed beans with the palm oil sauce on top.

– Pair with fried plantains