5 Worst Foods That Causes ADHD

5 Worst Foods That Causes ADHD

5 Worst Foods That Causes ADHD

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For a long time now, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been quite a problematic situation for people of all ages. It is common among 7 percent of the children and around 4 to 5 percent of the adult population. What ADHD does is that it makes people distracted. They cannot focus on one single task for more than a short duration and they are always getting swayed away by something else. As a result, their productivity and efficiency have a sharp decline. As it stands, nobody knows the cure for this symptom, but based on numerous studies, certain food can cause ADHD or are known to increase the symptoms. Listed below are 5 food which causes ADHD and should be avoided.

1. Candies

Now who doesn’t like candies? Children especially love to fill their mouth with candies and that’s a bad thing. Candies are basically made of sugar and food coloring. Both these products are known for increasing the ADHD in children. They particularly promote hyperactivity among the children and that can only be a bad thing. The high content of sugar leaves the children with a rush of energy keeping them hyperactive for a while before it runs out and the children are in a state of crash and burn.

2. Sodas

Sodas or any sort of carbonated drinks are bad for ADHD as well as for the general health. Just like the candies mentioned above, sodas are filled with a high content of sugar that is bad for children as well as the adults. What makes sodas worse than candies is that it contains more than just sugar, it has fructose corn syrup and caffeine mixed in it too. Both these products are known to promote hyperactivity and distractibility in people. People often get too distracted and leave their work lying around after having a can of soda. Furthermore, based on a study done in 2013, kids aged 5 years or younger have shown signs of aggression and social withdrawal after regularly drinking carbonated drinks.

3. Energy Drinks

In recent times, energy drinks have become quite popular among the teenagers. They consume it with the hopes of getting a boost of energy to get them through all-nighters they pull off right before the examinations are held. However, while you do get this surge of energy passing through you, they last only for a brief duration. When it comes to energy drinks, there is a crash and burn kind of approach to it. Energy drinks contain high levels of sugar, caffeine, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners and other stimulants. All these are known to promote ADHD in the human body and thereby you are left with being distracted more rather than using that rush of energy to do anything productive.

4. Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Believe it or not, even fruits and vegetable can be bad for people with ADHD. Normally, these are the food which is known to subdue ADHD, however, frozen fruits and vegetables are different from your typical vegetables and fruits. These sometimes contain added color to make them look fresh while being frozen and the artificial color can promote ADHD. On the other hand, foods treated with organophosphates for insect control have led to cause neurologic-based behavior problems which are similar to ADHD.

5. Other foods

A lot of people have sensitivities regarding certain food which may lead to ADHD-like behavior. This food can include basic items like milk, eggs, chocolate, soy, corn grapes and oranges and so on. Consuming this food can display ADHD-related symptoms like hyperactivity and distractibility. If you feel different after having this food then go see a doctor.