Zobo: Healthy Nigerian Drink!

Zobo: Healthy Nigerian Drink!

Zobo: Healthy Nigerian Drink!

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Zobo one of Nigerian’s favourite drink and it is made from dried calyces (sepal) of hibiscus plant flower. Zobo leaves are called sorrel.


Yippee!! Another avid reader has shared recipe with us. *dancing shoki* One of our awesome readers, Mrs. Oluchi Ewulonu has shared her special recipe for the Nigerian Zobo drink with us.


She says; “Personally, I prefer Zobo to all the frizzy drinks around because it’s natural and doesn’t contain gases & sugar.


“This is why I do all to maintain its natural nature by making mine devoid of all artificial flavour or sugars.”


  • Zobo reduces blood pressure,
  • It lowers cholesterol levels,
  • Zobo is caffeine free,
  • It contains 100% of recommended daily vitamin C and
  • It is rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium.

Source: Google


Oluchi’s Special Zobo Recipe:

  • 1 cup of zobo leaves
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 piece of ginger
  • A tsp of cloves
  • Oranges, lime, lemon, pineapple or nutric C (as sweetners)

dried hibiscus for Zobo


  • Wash your Zobo leaves well
  • In a clean pot, put in your Zobo and water. Cook till water it boils for about 15mins.
  • Blend your cloves and grate your ginger.
  • Add them to the boiling Zobo leaves.
  • If you’re using pineapple as sweetener, add some pineapple chunks with the peel/bark too
  • Once the water is boiled. Leave to cool (I usually leave mine overnight so all the juices from the oranges or pineapple or lemon can be extracted).
  • Use a clean cloth and sieve the water out.


Your Zobo drink is ready and it is best served chilled. Enjoy.

Zobo Drink served chilled


Thanks to our darling Mrs. Oluchi for this amazing recipe. We love you *kisses*


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Love y’all *kisses*



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  • Opara Mavisclara

    Yeah it’s a good healthy drink, we do add only pineapple at home , but i like the idea of including orange, lime, lemon. Thanks for your recipe